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check yoself-page-001.jpgObjective: The Springfield Thunderbirds Check Yo’Self Initiative encourages schools to take a stand against bullying. Administrators and school faculty looking to register their school can do so below.

  • Each participating school will be paired with a Thunderbirds player to lead them in their anti-bullying pledge
  • Each grade level will write a line of their school’s pledge.
  • Faculty and Administrators will have the opportunity to recognize students for their positive behavior by rewarding them with an anti-bullying buck.
  • Once a student earns $5 worth of anti-bullying bucks, they can redeem them for a free game ticket to a pre-selected Thunderbirds home game.

For more information on the Check Yo'Self initiative, contact Nicole Taylor at [email protected] or call (413) 739-4625!


Click Here to Register Your School