Pedro Pack 1080 ver2 FINAL.jpg

Before pitchers and catchers report, this is your chance to secure your Pedro Martinez tickets at the Thunderbirds! Pedro Packs come with tickets to both Pedro Martinez Bobblehead Night and Pedro Martinez Night. The full package includes:Pedro Bobble cutout-min.jpg

  • 2 Tickets to February 2 (Pedro Martinez Bobblehead Night pres. by MassLive)
  • 2 Tickets to April 13 (Pedro Martinez Night)
  • 2 Vouchers to Any Game in 2018-19 regular season
  • Pedro Martinez Commemorative Puck
  • 4 Burger King Whopper Coupons

Additionally, the first 100 Center Value Packs purchased will receive a Thunderbirds knit hat! Packages start at just $99 in the Attack Zone and $125 in the Center Value sections! Fill out the form below to buy yours today: